Wood Fence Design Ideas – Inspiration and Installation Tips

Aside from providing privacy and security, fencing can also be a decorative element to your home. The right fence can elevate your curb appeal and set you apart from your neighbors. But with so many different options available, choosing the right fence for your yard can be a challenge. This guide to wood fence design ideas will help you find the best choice for your property and style.

If you’re looking for a wood fence design that is both unique and functional, try a woven fence. Woven wooden panels look similar to chain link fencing but are much more visually appealing and have the added benefit of allowing light and air to pass through. The openness of the woven structure makes it ideal for gardens and deters intruders while promoting healthy plant growth.

Another popular option for a fence is a lattice topper or crown. Like a trellis, this fence topper features crisscrossing wooden slats in a diamond or square pattern. These types of wood fence designs are great for garden areas, where they deter intruders and channel sunlight while fostering healthy plant growth. They’re also more cost-effective than full-scale wooden lattice fences and offer a bit of visual flair for your yard.

A more traditional but equally beautiful option is a log fence. This style of fence uses whole logs rather than cut up pieces to create a solid-looking fence. While it won’t provide as much privacy as some other options, it can add a rustic flair to your backyard and may be acceptable by HOA rules.

Other popular types of wood fences include corrugated metal and chicken wire. The former is a budget-friendly alternative to wood and is easy to install. Corrugated metal can also be painted or stained to fit your personal style and is rot-, mold-, and rust-resistant, making it low-maintenance. A corrugated metal fence isn’t ideal if you want to conceal your property, however, as it will expose any plants or structures growing on it.

Another non-traditional option is to use a combination of wood and steel. This can be a good option if you want to add some height to your fence or block out certain areas of your yard from prying eyes (or Tom Sawyer). Mixing materials can also add an interesting texture and color to your backyard.

For a modern twist on your wooden fence, opt for thin pickets that are spaced further apart than typical wooden fences. This minimalist look by Milwaukee wooden fence offers a sleek, minimal aesthetic and can be more cost-effective than a standard fence. For a more eye-catching look, use colored pickets to add pops of color. You can even go as bold as using a single color for the entire fence to create an attention-grabbing focal point in your yard. To learn more about our wood fencing options and request a complimentary consultation and estimate visit you local fence company in Milwaukee.

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