How to Make Your Backyard the envy of the Neighborhood

A fence is a structure, usually constructed of wood or metal, erected to define a property line or to exclude animals from a certain area. They also serve to make a yard look more appealing and protect pets from being hit by cars or other unwanted visitors.

There are several types of fences, including wrought iron, aluminum, and masonry. While wrought iron and aluminum fences are great for security, masonry is a good choice for upscale curb appeal. Masonry is also a good option for properties with a yard or garden.

A lattice is a common design feature on a wood fence. These crisscrossing planks of wood are nailed or screwed into a rail. This makes them look good from the outside, but can be tough to climb.

In the past, fences acted as a middleman between thieves and eventual buyers. Often, they developed a nefarious relationship with trusted fences in other places.

Fences may not be the most effective deterrent, but they can keep prying eyes out. If you’ve got a pool or other water features, a fence will help keep them safe. For example, a fence may be able to keep an aggressive dog from wandering into the road. It can also prevent kids from playing in a swimming pool.

Other functions a fence may perform are keeping pets in, hiding a valuable item from prying eyes, or concealing a stolen item from the cops. Some fences even try to replace the serial number on a stolen item to make it less likely to be found.

The best fences are the ones that can stand up to force from the outside. One option is to use a chain link. Another is a solid board fence. Lastly, you can use a dog-ear fence that features beveled corners.

The best way to find out what your local laws are on fences is to contact your city planning and permitting department. Each state has its own laws, and the laws may vary according to what type of fencing you have and where you live.

For example, in Los Angeles, it is mandatory to have a fence around a swimming pool. The law requires that you give your neighbor 30 days advance written notice. You must also provide details about the design of the proposed building, as well as the cost of maintaining the fence.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, installing a fence can be an effective way to increase privacy and safety in your yard. Many people feel that a fence is a necessary piece of property maintenance, but others claim that they are unnecessary.

However, you may be surprised to learn that the laws on e-fencing are very different from traditional fences. Several states are implementing new legislation, requiring that electronic devices, such as smart phones, be fenced to keep them from being used to commit crimes. Similarly, some states require that any digital camera or phone containing stolen banking information be tamper-proof. For more details on fence ask a local Houston fence company on your area. For more details on fence ask a local fencing company in Houston that is near you. 

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